FDW - 02

“Lost Then Found” by Dan Grzeca
“And I’ll only feel smaller and smaller” by Daniel Danger

“Boom” by Chris Keegan
“Hole” by Brendan Monroe
“Spring Is Here” by Justin Santora
“And the Light Is” by Kurar
“Deer On The Run” by Nicole Tattersall
“Down the Rabbit Hole” & “Supermoon Owl” by Perfect Laughter
“Letting Go” by Dan McCarthy
 “Phish, New Years Run” by DKNG
“Red Mountain” by Dan McCarthy
Anonymous Ink & Idea
Copro gallery-"Twin peaks"
Doyle -"Unreal estate"
James Jessop
Landland- "The cloak ox"
Leslie Ann O’Dell
Mann -"Down through the fog"
Thinkspace - "Wild at heart"
“Eleven Eight” by MadC